Homecoming Chef Feature: Matthew Kajdan


Homecoming Chef Feature: Matthew Kajdan

Chef Matthew Kajdan was born and raised in Madison, MS where his mother and grandmother showed him the way around the kitchen. Growing up in a large European family, he developed a taste for gourmet cooking and fine foods.

Chef Kajdan got his start at BRAVO!- where he worked under Dan Blumenthal and Louis Larose- and Nick’s under Nick Apostle. “Matt was a hard worker and a fastiduous young man,” Chef Blumenthal remembers.  “He was a part of a crew that really produced some beautiful food.  He and Louis were good friends and great collaborators!  It will be neat to see them side by side again in the BRAVO! kitchen!”

Jeff Good adds, “Matt is a man with a lot of work ethic.  When we had a need in the Broad Street kitchen, Matt willingly agreed to spend a season there helping make great food and keep that very large machine running.  We were thankful for his efforts, and were really happy for him when the Parlor Market opportunity presented itself… it was hand in glove for him!”

After the untimely passing of Parlor Market founder Craig Noone, Matthew was tapped as the Executive Chef at Parlor Market, where he brought forth a New-Southern menu with progressive ideas and local products in a farm-to-table atmosphere. Matthew received much praise and a handful of awards during his time at Parlor Market, and then the opportunity to be a part of something very special came knocking.  A new, upscale hotel was to be built in downtown Jackson and they wanted a chef to match the quality of the venue.  They needed to look no further than Matthew Kajdan.

Today, Matthew enjoys his role as Executive Chef at Estelle Wine Bar and Bistro at The Westin Jackson.  The dining room is sleek and modern and caters to special event diners and casual meals alike with fresh ingredients and impressive plating techniques forming the foundation of the menu offerings.  Matthew also oversees the hotel’s entire food and beverage offerings with banquet menus and room service alike.  Showing how life often brings us full circle, Chef Matt is often serving international visitors from Europe staying at the hotel, a nod back in time to his roots at the table with his large European family.

Matthew’s featured dish for our Homecoming Dinner:

grilled redfish / sautéed lobster / avocado / tomato jam / citrus vinaigrette

To read more about our Homecoming Dinner and see the rest of the menu click here.



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