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Friday July 3rd: 

A Message From Jeff Good: 

We are sure you’ve heard the news that the City of Jackson has a face mask mandate, for all public spaces in the City of Jackson.

You’re probably wondering how does this affect you, when dining with us…

It is very simple, when walking in please have a mask on, once you are seated at your table, you can remove your mask. If for any reason you have to leave your table, please use your face mask. Wear it in, wear it out. It’s easy and effective for all.

We know that you place your trust in us to ALWAYS Do the Right Thing… and serving you in today’s climate is the epitome of the time for us to shine. That is why we created the “I BRING and I TAKE” shirts for all our service staff at each restaurant. The staff members who wait on you and give you things (the BRING shirts) , they will never touch something a guest has touched or used. They will only bring you new items (food, drink, silverware, etc).

The staff in the TAKE shirts are the ones who remove all your used items be it something as small as a plastic straw wrapper all the way to your final dessert plate and coffee cup. They will NEVER hand you anything … they are only taking things away. By separating our service style, we are eliminating the potential for any cross-contamination.

This, coupled with our rigorous safety and sanitation protocols (far too many to list here!) work in tandem to ensure BRAVO!, Broad Street and Sal & Mookie’s are safe, wholesome places where you can enjoy time out with your loved ones.

And speaking of that, please don’t ask us to seat you more than 6 to a table… we will not. Our state guidelines clearly set the maximum at one table at 6 individuals… and six feet between tables. We will gladly seat you at side by side tables, but we will maintain your separation).

We understand that all of this can be a bit overwhelming, but everything we do is to help protect you, and of course, our staff.

If you have questions, please reach out and ask. Nothing has changed in our core mission— we are here to serve you. We sincerely thank you for your help, as we navigate these uncharted waters.

Forward, together.

Jeff Good


Monday, June 1st:

We’re Staging a Come Back!

We are happy to announce that we are preparing to safely re-open our dine-in service according to best social distancing practices June 3rd. We are very excited to get back to serving you all of your favorites in the homey atmosphere your love! Thank you for the continued support as we take a little extra time to get ready- you deserve the best in safety and service!

We will be opening at 50% capacity with an aggressive cleaning regimen, lightly altered menu, and modified hours. Our days and hours will be:

Tues-Thurs: 11 AM – 9 PM

Fri-Sat: 11 AM – 9:30 PM

Sun: 11 AM – 9 PM

Social Hour: Daily 4 PM – 6 PM and 8 PM – Close

As we plan for a safe re-opening of our dine-in service, we will continue to offer our Curbside Takeout 4:30-8 PM Wednesday-Sunday.We will be offering a Limited To-Go Menu along with shareable appetizers so you can enjoy your  BRAVO! favorites. We are also excited to announce our new Oven-Ready 4 for $40 Family Packs – casserole-style meals with family sized salad, bread and shareable dessert!  (These meals are freshly made and already refrigerated so you can take them home and enjoy them when you’re ready).

And most excitingly? We decided to have our Annual Wine Sale early this year! Our whole list of bottled wines will be available for 33% Off (with food purchase.) Please note that if you purchase online, your discount will be applied when we review and accept your order, so the difference will be reflected on the final receipt you receive with your order.

>> Order online, and you can pick up curbside<< for a completely contactless experience. Online ordering opens at 4 PM for pickup beginning at 4:30.

Prefer to call? Dial 601.982.8111 to place an order. Lines will open at 2 PM for pickup beginning at 4:30.


Valentine’s Dinner Specials 2020

Make this Valentine’s something to remember with BRAVO!

Show your special someone how much you care with a meal fit for royalty.

We’ve crafted these courses for February 14th with a romantic evening in mind, but our full menu will be available as well if you are craving an old favorite or something to spice up the night.

Make your plans now. As always, reservations are not needed at BRAVO!

The Perfect Pairing: Mac(allan) & Cheese

We are excited to announce that October 2019 we are teaming up with The Macallan for a special you don’t want to miss! Until October 31st, we will be offering a unique tasting board featuring four of The Macallan’s premium Scotches paired with specialty cheeses selected for their amazing flavor profiles and playful combinations.

Our supplies are limited and these selections are delicious – so Scotch lovers get here while they last!

The Tasting Board – $45 – includes specialty cheese pairings

  • Double Cask 12 Year
  • Sherry Cask 12 Year
  • Triple Cask 15 Year
  • Triple Cask 18 Year

Enhance Your Board

  • Rare Cask – $30
  • Rare No. 4 – $15

Arts Season 2019

Arts Season 2019-2020 is here and we have your calendar prepped.

At Mangia Bene, we’ve been a proud partner of the Jackson Arts scene for many years. When the schedules start coming out every year we practically get goose bumps!

And this year is no exception with a fantastic line-up from our partners.

We asked our friends to send us a couple of their “can’t miss” shows of the season to share with you. You’ll definitely want to grab tickets for these as soon as you can because they are HOT items this year.

And as always, don’t forget that you receive 25% off pre-show dining at BRAVO!, Broad Street, and Sal & Mookie’s!


Aretha: A Tribute


Star Wars


Ode To Joy


>>Explore The Full Season & Buy Tickets<<


Amahl and the Night Visitors


Mr. Showmanship: Liberace


Romeo et Juliette


>>Explore The Full Season & Buy Tickets<<


Ballet & Blues


The Nutcracker


>>Explore The Full Season & Buy Tickets<<


Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express

Oct. 22-26; Oct. 29-Nov. 2


June 2-6; June 9-13; June 7 & 14, 2020

>>Explore The Full Season & Buy Tickets<<


It’s Been a Long, Long Time:

Honoring the Heroes and Music of the Greatest Generation


>>Performance Tickets<<

Messiah By Candlelight


>>Performance Tickets<<


Mississippi Community Symphonic Band

Indoor Concert


15th Birthday Concert


>>Explore The Full Season<<

Looking Back at the History of BRAVO!’s Bar & Lounge

Many things have changed in BRAVO!’s Lounge & Bar throughout the years. Faces, menus, décor. Even walls have come down- literally, with this last renovation. But our dedication to quality drinks and amazing service has never wavered.  

Earlier this year, a big change indeed happened at BRAVO! Lesley Tolar-McHardy handed over the keys to the BRAVO! wine room to Laura Collins after twenty-five years of loyal service. With this changing of the guard, we took the opportunity to look over the history of BRAVO!’s Lounge & Bar, reminisce about the past, and look towards the future.



Since day one, BRAVO!’s Lounge & Bar have been a focal point of our business…it’s the first thing you see when you walk in the front door!  We fashioned our bar as a “see and be seen” kind of place.  The BRAVO! bar has been an extremely popular rendez-vous point for friends, families, business associates, birthdays, going-away parties, or just TGIF!  Over the last 25 years, anybody who is anybody has spent some time in the BRAVO! lounge.

We have always striven to make our bar program cutting edge, while also being accessible. Education continues to be a key factor for us: for our staff with ongoing training and creative opportunities, and for our patrons with our knowledgeable staff always quick to answer, “What is that?” When we first burst onto the Jackson scene in ’94, many of the foods and beverages we offered were not well-known.  Our goal was, and continues to be, to make our guests feel informed and comfortable ordering items they might not have encountered before.  As the years have passed, Jackson has become much more adventurous and sophisticated in its palate, and we look forward to the creative opportunity to this presents!

The philosophy of the BRAVO! Lounge & Bar has always been:

“Whatever is new and fresh, whatever is tried and true, and most of all, whatever is fun…that’s what you’ll find here!”


Wine Program

A very large part of keeping our guests excited and informed has been our wine program.  We were the first in town to offer Winemaker Dinners and casual wine tastings, and we are still going strong!  At first, we were thrilled if we could convince 10 people to come and listen to us talk about wine on a Sunday afternoon.  Now, these events sell out past capacity each and every time!  This is a true testament to how excited Jacksonians have become about wine and food!  Some of our wonderful featured guests through the years have been:  Tom Leonardini (Whitehall Lane Winery), Kathy Benziger (Benziger Family Winery), Bartholomew Broadbent (Broadbent Imports), Michael Martella (Thomas Fogarty), John Larchet (Australian Premium Wine Collection), Mat Garretson (Garretson), Roger Roessler (Roessler Cellars), Randall Grahm (Bonny Doon), Diane Fore (Fore Family Winery), Stephanie Douglas (Aratas), Brian Loring (Loring Wine Company), Jim Clendenen (Au Bon Climat)…and the list could go on and on!

Our list has seen many different shapes, sizes and formats.  In 1994, we opened our doors with a one page front and back wine list…but it was quality over quantity!  By 1997, our list had tripled in size and we received our first Wine Spectator Award of Excellence…which we have received every year since!  The philosophy behind our list has always been to offer our guests wines from all over the globe, especially hard-to-get wines and wines that are brand new to our market. At the same time, we also offer selections that are easily recognizable and consistent for our guests who simply want an old favorite with their meal or may not be interested in venturing too far off the beaten path.  Our restaurant atmosphere is fun, energetic and definitely not stuffy…which is exactly the way we approach our wine program.


Sommelier Legacy

Originally, the BRAVO! wine program was started by David Blumenthal, who was a great example-setter and mentor for Lesley Tolar McHardy, who became our first certified Sommelier in January 2000.   She was one of the first people— and one of only 2 women— in Mississippi to be certified with the World Court of Master Sommeliers.

Lesley continued the legacy set by David by mentoring another set of future Somms, paving the road of “passing the baton of knowledge” that is still alive and well at BRAVO!  After Lesley, several other members of the BRAVO! staff “got the itch” and went on to earn certifications as well:  Kelly Boutwell, Val Spellman, Robert Wailes, Patrick Kelly, Farley Walker, Dana Guest, and Mitchell Earrey.

As of 2019, the BRAVO! wine program is in the capable hands of Laura Collins, who pursued her certification while working with Lesley at Briarwood Wine & Spirits.  Laura was the Sommelier at Seafood R’Evolution for nearly 2 years before joining the BRAVO! team.

Laura Collin’s on becoming BRAVO!’s Sommelier:

“BRAVO! has been a home to me over and over in my years in the restaurant industry! In writing this, I asked myself what made this restaurant, above all the others, so special? And I remembered, years before I ever worked here, how I thought that BRAVO! had the best food and the coolest bar! I consider myself one of the many people in Jackson who discovered a passion for food and wine through BRAVO!’s passion for food and wine! Over the years I have worked in many restaurants and bars, but this was the one where I knew I had to give it my best to stand in ranks with the staff. I also knew that I had to learn a radically new concept of service to fit in with the culture. As Jeff always says ‘Get to Yes—’ a simple, life-changing phrase.”

“I began studying wine while working for Lesley and Nathan McHardy at Briarwood Wine & Spirits. I am still struck by the generosity in both time and effort that they showed me and many others! My education in wine with Lesley grew into weekly tastings at BRAVO! with Val Spellman and Kelly Boutwell. What I learned from these women about both wine and service cannot be measured and all of that grew out of BRAVO!’s wine program! Now, I have the opportunity to pay that forward to future generations of wine lovers— and I can’t wait!”


Cocktail Program

BRAVO! was one of the first places in town to offer a signature cocktail list.  In the early days, Martinis were “the thing” and they were our specialty!  One of our original drinks, the Absolut Freddo, was even adopted by the Sweet Potato Queens as their official cocktail.

We have had a long string of big personalities behind our bar over the years.  If you ever spent any time sitting at the BRAVO! bar, then no doubt you have spent time with any number of these folks:

Lesley McHardy, Phil Petrignani, Joe Holland, Scott Barranti, Mark Roemer, Tara Blumenthal, Robert Arender, Chino Gutierrez, Karen Newman, Chris Magann, Johnny Louis, Val Spellman, Carlos Howard, Matt Bruner, Denny Burkes, Melanie Creek, Chris Robertson, Dana Guest, Antonio Williams, Kirby Coutch, Bret Sullivan….

And of course, our current fantastic staff:  Alyssa Montang, Chris Cooley, Laura Collins, Sheena Johnson, and Alphonso Campbell.

Today, our cocktail offerings have morphed into an extremely cutting-edge list of Signature & Classic Cocktails that are offered year-round as well as our Seasonal Cocktails. These BRAVO! family-created cocktails which change every Spring and Fall for an ever-evolving and satisfying range of flavors.  Most recently, we have introduced a “Temperance Beverages” menus using the creative, new alcohol-free spirits that have come to market as an enjoyable alternative for those who choose not to imbibe but still want to enjoy an evening out.

We look forward to serving Jackson delicious drinks and amazing evenings in the BRAVO! Lounge & Bar for many more years to come.



Thank you to Lesley for providing us with this amazing journey through BRAVO!’s Lounge & Bar history. You will always be a part of the BRAVO! family.

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