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Jackson, Mississippi.
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Tue-Sat 11 AM - 10 PM
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11 AM - 5 PM
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At BRAVO!, it always comes back to the food. Every day we work to create innovative new dishes that let our traditional Italian roots shine. We love food that is fresh and recognizable, but also allows complex flavors to come to the forefront. Come join us for lunch, dinner, or even brunch on the weekends.

We’re lucky to have a staff that loves food as much as we do, so we’ve decided to let them blog about it. Click here to check out Food Blog to find more about our ingredients, our dishes and our food philosophy.

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While food is important, no meal is complete without a perfectly paired wine. We take our wine seriously—we have an expert sommelier on staff and have been honored to receive 18 Wine Spectator awards since we opened two decades ago. That’s one award each year since 1997! Whether you want to find the perfect accompaniment to your meal or branch out and try something new, we’re here to advise you.

Want to know more about our wine program? E-mail wine@bravobuzz.com!

Click HERE to download the PDF of our Award-Winning Wine List.


We’re fond of telling people about our “BRAVO! family”. Truthfully, so many of our employees have been with us long enough that they feel like family. Our customers and staff know each other on sight and greet each other like friends. We’re exceptionally proud of our atmosphere and service. To learn more about our hardworking and talented staff members, just click on the pictures below.

Dan Blumenthal
Executive Chef/Partner

Jeff Good
Managing Partner

Tanya Burns
Service Manager

Jon Pixler

Matt Mabry
Sous Chef

Adam Brown
Sous Chef

Scott Prather
Assistant Service Manager

Taylor Killman
Service Supervisor


Corks for Charity

When you come to dine at our restaurant and decide to indulge in some wine, donate your cork to charity! When you donate your cork, you are entered in for a chance to give and also get back. We select two corks at the end of the month. If your cork is selected, you will receive a $25 gift card and the amount of your wine bottle will be donated to our charity of the month.

For the month of August, the proceeds with go to Hope House of Hospitality.

Hope House is a Christian ministry that provides a “home away from home” for seriously ill outpatients. Most guests have cancer and are referred to Hope House by hospital social workers. Outpatients come from throughout the state to received chemo and radiation therapy for 6-8 weeks. Hope House provides lodging, food, laundry services and transportation at no cost to guests. The most important aspect of Hope House is the tender loving care they receive.

The guests of Hope House are from outside the Jackson area, which makes it even more difficult to raise money within the Jackson area. Hope House is a unique mission that has impacted the hearts of many who donate their time, prepare food for the guests, maintain the grounds, donate needed supplies, and do so many other things that allow Hope House to keep our doors open – but raising money has continued to be a real challenge.

Even though Hope House has tremendous volunteer support, financial support is much more difficult, and more crucial.  Utilities for 11,000 square feet are tremendous; household products that keep Hope House clean and fresh for all guests are expensive; groceries are expensive; insurance is expensive; grounds maintenance is expensive!  The list is endless.

Want to help Hope House? Visit hopehouseofhospitality.org.


It’s time! We’re clearing out the wine cellar…

What discount will you win when you purchase
a bottle of wine?! 

Sunday, July 20 – Thursday, July 31, BRAVO! will be giving a scratch card with every bottle of wine purchased. When you scratch your card, you could get 20%, 30%, 40%, OR 50% OFF!

Help us clear out our wine cellar and get a discount! Win/Win(e)!

Tequila Tasting at BRAVO!

Tequila Tasting at BRAVO!

Tequila is so much more than just for shots…

Join us for a Saturday afternoon to try a few different tequilas & tequila-based cocktails. There will also be some delicious bar snacks and your favorite BRAVO! bartenders showing you a few tricks.

Saturday, July 26 | 3 PM | $35

E-mail ChrisR@bravobuzz.com or call 601.982.8111 to reserve your spots!

Seating is limited.

We’re turning 20!!

Who knew that 2 decades would fly by so fast? It seems like just yesterday we opened our doors in Highland Village…

In order to celebrate our birthday, we want to thank all our wonderful customers! When you dine with us this upcoming weekend, you’ll receive 20% off!

We look forward to seeing you this weekend and to many more decades of BRAVO! to come.

Leave a little extra on the extra line for Extra Table

Extra Table – Kicking off in Jackson through BRAVO!, Broad Street and Sal & Mookie’s

1 out of 5 of our neighbors will be going to bed hungry tonight.
Food insecurity is real and prevalent here, in our community. Food insecurity is defined as the condition when people have a lack of access, at times, to enough food for an active healthy life for all household members. The way most communities mobilize to address this problem is by supporting charity-based food pantries and soup kitchens. Organizations such as Community Stewpot and Gateway Rescue Mission depend on donations of food and/or funds to stock their shelves so they can provide for those in need. Often times the call for support comes in the form of a food drive… when the public is urged to share items out their kitchen pantries and make the donation of foodstuffs that is picked up by volunteer labor.

Food drives are great… but think about it… when you get an empty paper bag at your front door from a church or civic group hosting a food drive, what do you usually do? Do you go to our pantry and literally “clean it out”? A can of soup, some dry pasta, a tin of nuts (leftover from 2 Christmases ago). All these tend to be the things folks offer up. The intent is honorable, but the result is weak. A soup kitchen needs bulk amounts of good, healthy and appropriate foods in order to put together large meal services. A food pantry needs quality and in-date non-perishables that are healthy (low-sugar, low fat) and will serve to supplement a family’s weekly needs in a comprehensive way. So, when we give an array of dissimilar canned items, we are being kind, but not really meeting the core needs of the feeding entity.

There is a better way, and it is called Extra Table. Just as you would set an extra seat at your table for a dinner guest, we’ve found a way to set a metaphorical “extra table” to feed needy families throughout central Mississippi.

Extra Table is the brainchild of Mississippi restaurateur and culinary author Robert St. John. The ingenuity behind the Extra Table system is the direct delivery by commercial freight of relevant foodstuffs perfectly sized to the needs of a food pantry or soup kitchen. Extra Table supplies these entities with the food they need every month. Extra Table does that by aggregating cash donations and then using wholesale bulk purchasing power to pay for good, wholesome food and having it delivered to food centers in need. Extra Table is proudly partnered with the nation’s largest food distribution company, Sysco. By partnering with Sysco Extra Table is able to purchase food at the lowest possible price point, thereby taking the donated dollar further than it could go otherwise.

In a nutshell, Extra Table is: Donations from individuals and businesses added together to larger amounts of money. It is then paid to the Sysco Food Wholesale company* to buy large amounts of wholesome food appropriately sized and selected that is dramatically discounted due to the bulk buying power and then directly delivered and stocked by professional driver into the pantries of feeding organizations in need.

(* When Extra Table places an order from Sysco brand new food is sent to the designated partner agency. Sysco takes care of delivery and unloads the food from the truck for the recipient agencies. Be assured that the food from Sysco is brand new food that is not expired, and the cans aren’t even dented. Extra Table wants to get our agencies the best we can and Sysco is helping to do just that. Within each food bundle is the healthiest food that can be found. Extra Table is committed to getting wholesome nutritious food into the hands of those who need it, and the foods purchased meet those criteria.*)

So how are we getting involved? What does BRAVO!, Broad Street and Sal & Mookie’s have to do with this? Simply put, we see the beauty and efficiency within the Extra Table format. We want to help get the word out about this great program. Our three restaurants will be the hub from which folks here in the tri-county area can easily make cash donations to fund the stocking of shelves and feeding of people at our two local target food banks: Gateway Rescue Mission and Community Stewpot.

How can you make a donation? We’ve got three easy ways:
1. When you dine at any of our three restaurants, there will be a donation line on your check to make a personal donation of any amount.
2. Don’t have time to dine? No problem! Stop by any of the three restaurants and simply drop off a check made out to Extra Table
3. Want to donate online? Visit any of our websites for the Extra Table secure donation link.

Accountability is important to us. We will keep track of all donations and report back to you the success of our efforts together to launch Extra Table for the metro Jackson area.

Want even more info? Visit ExtraTable.org for more information about this great organization!


The BRAVO! / Broad Street / Sal & Mookie’s Electronic (Virtual) Gift Card

available at 3in1giftcard.com!

The simple way to order one or a dozen gift cards to be sent immediately
or at a later date to one or as many people as you wish!

Customizable… Flexible… Easy to order…
Just relax… you can do it all right now from your computer!

Four. Easy. Steps.

  1. Choose the design you wish from the card skin selector!
  2. Choose the amount of the card – any amount is valid.
  3. Choose the recipient and delivery info – you can  buy cards for future holidays or just as a spur of the moment gift!
  4. Save and repeat for each card you wish to buy – the system will show your total for all the cards that you buy at the end.

Ordering for yourself? Find that you don’t use it? Our cards allow you to “regift” them! Just edit the recipient and delivery address information and send it on its way!

Need a little more info? Feel free to contact Liz Lancaster at lizl@bravobuzz.com.


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One Dining Room – Unlimited Party Possibilities
Reservations about our “no reservations” policy in the main dining room? After 18 years of delighting our guests, we have uncovered the best nooks and crannies to help groups cocktail, celebrate, and canoodle at BRAVO! Our managers are always available to help personalize your party with culinary and budgetary flexibility.

Main Dining Room – Regular Business Hours
BRAVO! does not take “guaranteed reservations”. Our general policy is to seat complete parties upon arrival. However, with advance notice, we do our best to accommodate large groups. Our peak seating times are 11:30am-1:00pm and 7:00-8:30pm, by choosing an off-peak time to dine with us, you increase your chances of ready seating, but keep in mind that during holidays and graduation weekends our flow of business is less predictable! Because large groups are apt to increase and decrease at a moments notice, please note that we cannot seat a party of more than 6 until the entire group has arrived. This policy allows us to prepare accurate seating and ensures the smooth and engaging service that you expect from a BRAVO! dining experience. Need a cake or limited, printed menu? Please do not hesitate to ask.

Monday Special Events
For a minimum of $2000, make BRAVO! your ultimate private party playground. Choose your favorite dishes from our regular restaurant menu or have custom creations planned just for you. From fundraisers, to family gatherings and corporate holiday parties, we have the vision and resources to build your dream event. Need projection equipment, help with flowers, or musical accompaniment? We can attend to every detail.

Mangia Bene Catering
Ready to Eat? Holding a meeting? Planning a party? Call the catering crew at Mangia Bene Catering and take “Find Great Food” off your crowded To Do list! Whether you are hosting an intimate party or a banquet for hundreds of VIP guests, Mangia Bene Catering’s expert menu planners and chefs will create a culinary experience that will delight everyone in attendance. (You’ll be delighted, too — because when you’re working with us, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy!) We have a team you can trust. The same dazzling team behind BRAVO! Italian Restaurant & Bar, Broad Street Baking Company, and Sal & Mookie’s New York Pizza & Ice Cream Joint is the team behind Mangia Bene Catering. We provide professional, reliable service and extraordinary food every day, all day.

For more information and reservations, please contact Tanya Burns at tanyab@bravobuzz.com or call 601.982.8111.

For more information on Mangia Bene Catering, please contact Aven Whittington at avenw@broadstbakery.com or call 601.362.2900.


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I-55 North, Exit 100
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Highland Village Shopping Center
South Plaza, Upper Level
Jackson, Mississippi.
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