Social Hour: A Guide

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What Is Social Hour?

You’ve heard the rumors and seen the poster, but what is Social Hour at BRAVO? It is our answer to the usual Happy Hour deal. Too many happy hours are only offered on certain days (hard to remember) or leave you scrambling to make it in time. Need to pick up the kids? Take care of pets? Work a little late? Get groceries? Too bad!

But not at BRAVO! At BRAVO! we want you to enjoy your happy hour without all the fuss. That’s why we offer Social Hour every evening from 8 PM until close in our lounge and patio (and at the bar too of course!)

With a rotating selection of wines and well drinks for only $5, it’s perfect for a later-in-the-evening drink with friends or as a way to relax after a long day. Just ask your bartender or server what the Social Hour drinks of the night are. And did we mention the special menu? With our “small plate” versions of some of our favorite appetizers (plus some new additions), you can have the perfect snack with your drink- again for only $5.

Let’s recap: Every Day. 8 PM to Close. $5 Menu.

So the next time you’ve missed “happy hour” time- don’t worry. We have you covered.