Bar 103: Pool & Patio Edition

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Pool & Patio Edition Updated 2

This month’s tasting will be July 30th at 3 PM and is going to be a little different than anything we’ve done before. Our Bar Master, Chris Robertson, is going to cover how to make cocktails for a large party without being stuck behind the bar, because who wants that?

We will start with two punches that will mature and change over the hour to yield six different, refreshing cocktails. Every time the bowl gets old or low, we’ll use the base and add different ingredients to reinvigorate the punch for the next round of cocktails. This way, it will be constantly evolving.

Since this is such a unique and interactive tasting, we’re keeping it intimate. We are only offering a dozen spots for $35 apiece so be sure to claim your seat fast.

It’s going to be a memorable evening. Call 601-982-8111 or email to reserve your spot!